A functional and elegant looking sahala wudu station specially designed for disabled and special needs people that will help ease their lives in performing wudu independently and comfortably whilst remaining on their wheelchair

Ergonomically Design

  • The whole structure of sahala has been ergonomically designed by considering anthropometry of various condition of disabled community to suit the disabled and those who are wheelchair bound.
  • The unique transparent wash basin is ergonomically designed to prevent water from overspilling whilst providing comfort to the user to perform wudu.
  • The transparent wash basin also allows the person to look down when washing the feet.

Accessibility and Self-independent

  • The unique design of sahala will allow wheelchair users to perform wudu whilst remaining in their wheelchair.
  • The wheelchair users are no longer rely on others for assistance to perform wudu.


  • Remote, oscillating, multidirectional fountain water system ensure stand-alone washing of the feet allow wheelchair users to perform wudu without extra effort and discomfort.

DIY Concept

  • Ready-to-assemble concept of installation avoids expensive installation and renovation of the existing facilities